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AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENTS updated February 25, 2018


The Royal Oak Symphony Orchestra announces auditions for the

following positions:

  • Section Violin
  • Section Viola
  • Section Cello
  • Section String Bass

 Section Trombone

Bass Clarinet/Bb Clarinet, Utility Position*

The Royal Oak Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra and musician members are not compensated.

The season includes 4 subscription Friday night concerts. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:30PM. Dress rehearsal is the Thursday evening before the concert. Usually there are no services during summer months.

 Interested applicants should send a resume to Personnel Manager Susan A. Lazar.

Questions may also be sent to Susan at

Auditions shall be by individual appointment.


 For all Section Positions: Prospective Members gain permission from the section Principal to rehearse one cycle with the orchestra. Audition on the concert repertoire will take place prior to the concert.  Acceptance into the orchestra is based on audition performance and rehearsal attendance. Section members are allowed 2 or less absences per cycle. However, most members maintain perfect attendance.

 Bass Clarinet/Bb Clarinet Utility Position*

On each instrument, be prepared to play a three octave F major scale and a three octave E major scale with a variety of articulations and dynamics to be chosen by the judges. (i.e.  forte/piano; all tongue staccato; all tongue legato; all slur; tongue 2 slur two; etc.)

On each instrument, perform your choice of a solo or etude (2-3 minutes). Please provide 3 copies of your music for the judges.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Dukas                              

  • 6 bars before 11 to 12
  • 22 to 7 bars after 28
  • 10 bars before 43 to 43
  • 12 bars before 50 to 52

 Nutcracker Suite, Tchaikovsky

* A utility musician is an auditioned musician member of the orchestra and is a non-compensated voting member. Utility musicians play parts occasionally required (i.e. 3rd trumpet, 3rd flute, percussion, etc.) and therefore have reduced attendance requirement. Attendance requirement for each concert is determined by the Principal with approval of the Music Director. If an opening in the section arises, a utility musician may be offered the position without another audition if recommended by the Principal.